Sunday, 23 December 2012

Google pianta Angeblich "Super-Smartphone"

Google developed for its new subsidiary Motorola according to a newspaper report, a "super smartphone". It is intended to provide the latest models of Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy series in the shade. The "X Phone" but stumble on several issues, the Wall Street Journal over the weekend.
The idea from the beginning was to equip the unit with the best technology. So should the camera for example provide better colors than other smartphones on the market. Had been found, however, that some of the envisaged functions consume too much power, or have already been implemented by competitors had, it said, citing people briefed. Motorola also had encountered problems as had been trying to test flexible screens and ceramics used as housing material. If it were to representation of parties but for normal difficulties in the development of new devices.
The project enjoys the backing of the top. Google CEO Larry Page had encouraged the Motorola team to "think big", it said. After smartphone should also be an "X Tablet" to be developed. 'll Also worked at Motorola also simpler smartphones.
Google had paid in May of this year, $ 12.5 billion for Motorola. Primary objective was called, the Google Android operating system to protect against patent lawsuits the competition - who for years has ailing mobile phone pioneer a huge arsenal of patents. However, this strategy was only partly because a large portion of the patents is part of the foundation of standards, called Motorola claims adjusters on the scene pursuing suspicions of abuse of market position. Google posted the complaints with standard patents back now.
The "official" Google smartphones and tablets, the company has developed so far with companies like HTC, Samsung, LG and Asus. They sold under the name Nexus devices are characterized by a unmodizifiertes Android operating system. Whether and how the "X Phone" enqueues in the Nexus series, is still unclear.